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I'm not sure Becca has the travel bug as badly as I do when I think about this sort of question, but I know I've got a long list of places to go and see:
* the South Dakotah badlands - homage at the site where the Sioux tribe was defeated
* Northwest or Yukon Territories, Canada - some excellent camping and hiking
* Southwestern USA - Grand Canyon, crazy landscapes, lonely but gorgeous Spanish missions
* Newfoundland/Greenland/Iceland - ancient Viking settlements, inspiring landscapes, the stuff of ancient sagas and epics
* Scotland - beautiful country, meaningful history, some family ancestry
* England - thousands of years of history to explore, cute country villages to stay in, rolling hills to walk over, plenty of historical-cultural sites to visit
* Europe - Vienna (home of several composers), Basel (home of Swiss fife & drum music), Rome & the Vatican (several important religious-historical sites to visit), Istanbul (the Hagia Sofia), perhaps Moscow, Santiago de Compostela, and probably a bunch of other places
* Israel & the Holy Land - home of the historic faith
* China - the Great Wall and the crazy landscape out west there, the historical districts of Shanghai, the crazy old ancient sites in various places
* Malaysia - just to see what a heavily Muslim country with a so-called secular government actually looks like in real life

But the most realistic travel-like deal I bet I could hope for is being a minister at an Anglican Church up in northern New Hampshire in a tiny rural town like Whitefield NH. It's close to the mountains, so that'd be like a constant vacation in a way :)


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