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Amusingly enough, I have a new D&D group!  That answers one of my questions from a few months ago:

Becca has taken interest in D&D over the past couple years, I found a couple friends in relatively-nearby Boxborough who like RPG's, and through them another guy from my old church who used to play, and through him yet another guy who used to play.  Actual paper & pencil D&D in 3.5th edition is new to all them (except Becca, at this point), but they've adapted well and the group is actually pretty sweet.  I get to DM for:
* a grumpy old dwarf fighter
* a gnome cleric of Garl Glittergold
* a human rogue
* a human ranger
* an elf wizard

Joanna was also around for winter break and played in the prequel game (like the pilot trailer to a tv show) with a gnome bard.  A real bard this time, mind you, not a fighter/rogue/wizard specializing in enchantments.

Anyone remember the game in college when someone told us to surprise the DM by making a party full of bards?  And then how even though we all agreed, most of us ended up making fake bards?  I still laugh when I remember that.  Good peoples, good times!

And hey, although five players is a good party size, if any of you folks want to join up regularly or occasionally, feel free!  Just let me know.  We play once a month on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 7pm to 11, in Boxborough.  Probably a bit of a hike for many of you these days, but just in case...
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