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I think this may be the first time I got Valentine's Day completely right.  I was very sick on Sunday and still recovering on Monday, so I couldn't do anything really in terms of planning ahead.  But after work I bought a rose and a chocolate rose for Becca (flowers & chocolate, why not combined?), and brought them home.  It turned out that Becca had also been busy that morning making red and pink heart-shaped rice crispy treats!  So put it all together on the table and took a picture:

Sure, Valentine's Day is a big day of cynicism for many people - disliking the hallmark phenomenon of big businesses cashing in on an otherwise meaningful celebration, disdainful of an over-sweetened vision of love, or simply bitter at how "everyone else" has a partner.  I do resonate with the first two concerns, and I don't appreciate the idea of societal coercion to be extra nice to my gal on one 'random' day of the year.  But on the other hand, love is a good thing, worth celebrating, and there isn't really any good reason not to 'randomly' celebrate it in a special way every now and then.

So forgive me for sharing this cutesy moment.  It shouldn't be any surprise to anyone that I do love Becca and I'm thankful for her.

Date: 15 Feb 2012 14:24 (UTC)

Date: 15 Feb 2012 16:30 (UTC)
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Tasteful and sweet. I really love it when husbands brag about how much they love their wives. Happy Valentine's Day, you two!


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