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Hmm, almost all of the 8th Doctor Adventures Dr. Who books would be awesome movies. I hope I can get back to reading them later this year when seminary work is totally done.

I'm not sure I've mentioned lately here what's going on. I get to participate in graduation this May, alongside the class (more or less) with whom I began seminary. It's an interesting contrast to what I experienced at Umass, where I had a full extra year to finish off my degrees. Here, I'll be mostly finished with my MDiv degree - there'll just be one class to take online and one class to do a little extra work on to get waived from the Anglican Track requirements. This means I'm an "October Graduate" - finishing my program by then. But I still get to participate in the commencement events in May. So rather than having a full-year epilogue like I did in college (which was mostly awesome), my seminary experience is going to fizzle out.

I rather enjoyed having that full fifth year at Umass. On one hand it was difficult to rediscover my place there, surrounded by mostly new friends who were two years behind me, so they didn't graduate with me, but after me. It made me feel like I was leaving too soon when I did graduate. Those were downers for me. But the upside was a 5th year in marching band, an extra year to get more involved at the Newman Center, an extra year to learn Old English, and I made some wonderful new friends through that time.

Here, though, I made some friends at the seminary (with some difficulty), but then last year started making friends outside the seminary which helped transition me (and later Becca) to our new church home. So now we're much better connected to our church than the seminary, which is good for transitioning out of seminary life into whatever comes next. The nice thing about being a student for a little while after graduation is that I'll be able to keep my on-campus student worker job until my last class is complete, so that takes the immediate pressure off of the job hunting that I'll have to begin later this year.

And BTW, car repairs are expensive. Fortunately our tax refund will recoup our losses. God provides in mysterious ways. :-)
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