1 February 2013

vicarbrench: (Farewell)
Yesterday was a terrible day - three important things broke: Becca's car, my pants, and my pump organ.

For those with dirty minds or otherwise clouded by what I like to call "the morning sleepies," a pump organ is a musical instrument.  It isn't electric, but is powered by two pedals that you pump with your feet to get the bellows working.  It's an odd relic from the 19th century before electricity, but when portable keyboard instruments started becoming a thing.  Apparently they were popular for traveling West - they're surprisingly light.  Other than that their claim to fame is being used in small old-timey churches in Maine.

How did I get one of these antiques?  Once again, my Grandma.  It was from her that I got my first mandolin several years ago, and now she's gotten rid of the organ too.  My parents took it to their house in Texas a couple years ago, and then when they moved back to Stow the professional movers took it up here.  Finally, a couple weeks ago, Becca and I took it from my parents house to our own apartment.  And not two weeks later, something breaks!

It is easily repairable - an old canvas piece ripped.  I can fix it.  The hard part is figuring how to reach/get inside the organ.

But three good things await us today: at long last one of us has a job interview: Becca's going for a bank teller job.  (Yes we've both remained unemployed since my post about it in the summer!)  So that's exciting.  Secondly, I meet with a student on Fridays to talk about Anglicanism.  It's like confirmation class or CCD, except voluntary and awesome.  And in Dunkin Donuts!  Thirdly, we're going to a healing prayer service at a church in New Hampshire this evening with a friend.  I've been meaning to connect this friend with someone who's experienced in healing prayer in the non-crackpot variety for a while, now.  Figures that when I finally get it together, I'm in need of healing too.  Thanks, God; thanks.

So here we go, Friday.  Let's make it a good one.


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