28 January 2013

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I've been re-reading a lot of my old LiveJournal posts here in the past week or so.  It's really weird.

In some ways, LJ and FB are very similar: both were often filled with inane pointless fun social banter, mixed with the occasional serious stuff.

But the differences are great.  LJ is a blog world.  Its very format gives priority to the original poster, encourages longer initial posts, makes conversations more trackable, and was not quite as wildly trite and random as Facebook has since become.

In short, I rather miss the LJ community I had in college.

Y'all were a fun bunch of people.  Becky, Amanda, Scottious, Mr. Mike, Matt, Ryan, Emily, Kristen D., Kristen R., Marissa, Jen, Jenn, Joey, Marge, Tiffany, Mel, Ali, Barb, Tea, Ginny, and a few other people from time to time.  A few of you still actually use LJ, and I actually do still read most of the posts that show up on my friends list.  Not having seen most of you (or actually, any of you) for a few years has made it difficult for me to keep up with your lives.  I like written communication a lot, but in terms of relationships I thrive on presence.  Without being around people, it's hard for me to keep that connection active.  I do feel fiercely loyal to a number of friends who were once close, and that does feed a desire to rekindle old friendships, should the opportunity arise.

Yeah, yeah, I'm basically Mr. Nostalgia.  I have a thing for looking back fondly at the past, regardless of the feasibility of bringing any of it back.  I long for eternity in ways that are sometimes silly and arbitrary.  We have our quirks, eh?

I still write, including blogging.  Mostly it's the "professional" kind where one talks about one's job, life calling, or whatever.  For me that's Christianity, spirituality, the Bible, history, religion, and the subjects that occur when these topics are combined in various ways.  It's satisfying, it's fun, and it helps me learn and grow.  But it's not a social scene of a group of friends like LJ was/is.  (The simultaneously fun & frustrating thing about Facebook is that it combines both of these features.)

As such, I've been pondering making a point of returning to LiveJournal.  Things won't be what the once were, obviously, but I can't help but wonder what might happen if I try.  I know a couple friends are intentionally gone from LJ and a couple friends are actively still around.  As for the many in between... hi!  I've missed you :-)
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Amusingly enough, I have a new D&D group!  That answers one of my questions from a few months ago: http://edders.livejournal.com/284715.html

Becca has taken interest in D&D over the past couple years, I found a couple friends in relatively-nearby Boxborough who like RPG's, and through them another guy from my old church who used to play, and through him yet another guy who used to play.  Actual paper & pencil D&D in 3.5th edition is new to all them (except Becca, at this point), but they've adapted well and the group is actually pretty sweet.  I get to DM for:
* a grumpy old dwarf fighter
* a gnome cleric of Garl Glittergold
* a human rogue
* a human ranger
* an elf wizard

Joanna was also around for winter break and played in the prequel game (like the pilot trailer to a tv show) with a gnome bard.  A real bard this time, mind you, not a fighter/rogue/wizard specializing in enchantments.

Anyone remember the game in college when someone told us to surprise the DM by making a party full of bards?  And then how even though we all agreed, most of us ended up making fake bards?  I still laugh when I remember that.  Good peoples, good times!

And hey, although five players is a good party size, if any of you folks want to join up regularly or occasionally, feel free!  Just let me know.  We play once a month on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 7pm to 11, in Boxborough.  Probably a bit of a hike for many of you these days, but just in case...


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