7 June 2012

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Becca & I have settled into our new home in Fitchburg!  We've got the first floor of a house built in the 40's, so some of it is kind of old and strange (for example the dishwasher has its own light switch on the wall), and some of it is old and annoying (the carpeting has seen better days).  The neighborhood is nice, though some sketchy parts of town are nearby.  We're just around the corner from Fitchburg State University, as well as Campus Pizza.

People always shout "PICS!" at times like this, so I came prepared.  Here's one of my 'office':

It's really nice living in a house-based apartment, so far.  The bedroom is separate from the living room, the living room is separate from the kitchen, the dining space is even separated from the kitchen space, and there's an extra room for my office / our library / Becca's crafts desk.  In our last place in Beverly, there were no doors; the whole apartment was a giant horseshoe flowing straight from kitchen to dining/living space to the bedroom area.  You had to go through our bedroom to get to the bathroom, which made having overnight guests a little undesirable.  But now we've got a more normal place.  It has its quirks, but they're mostly inconsequential. 

Oh, and we're allowed to have cats!!!!


Once we're both safely employed, perhaps we'll get ourselves a shelter kitty.


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